How does the development of language and communication affect one country?

Question by Happy: How does the development of language and communication affect one country?
I have this subject in school called Global Perspectives and I have this question to answer but have no idea how. Could you help me? We need examples as well from different countries. Preferably Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia. Thank You, Hope to get an answer soon :D

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Answer by worldisone
the wave of english that has swept the world is expected incertain quarters and not expected in other quarters. SG has adopted english as a unifying factor for the 3 ethnic groups there since colonial days. english was unifying given the vast expanse of the british empire then. inevitably english is the language of modernization, globalization, industrialization and universal communication. with advent of internet its undubitably enhanced and entrenched. country wishing to progress have to adopt english. HK didnt use chinese after going back to china. it cant as the ex-colony may fall. in fact, its not pushing at all. on the contrary, china sees the advantage of learning engish and now every school in china, mind you including the countryside have to learn english as a 2nd language. this is unprecedented inhuman history. within 30 years china managed to have a repository of englsh speakers to push her into the 21st century. cmabodia is ushing hard for english. same with china, every kid is learning english.

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